Local IT companies stepped up to the challenge of this year’s ‘Who’s Kitchen Rules’ competition at our Christchurch House, with vBridge taking out the top spot.

From bunny rabbits to bouncy castles, this year’s ‘Who’s Kitchen Rules’ Ronald McDonald House South Island edition created a buzz amongst our brave families last week.

On Monday night we had Datacom’s ‘minion-themed’ dinner, followed by vBridge on Tuesday, Codeblue on Wednesday, Spark on Thursday and HPE on Friday. 

Thanks to Kris and his team from HPE, our families were able to vote for their favourite dinner throughout the week.

“It was extremely close but in the end, I took the overall votes and a bit of a matrix including things like the number of team members, meals being ready on time, and overall effort,” says Kris.

“Congrats to the fellas from vBridge. Hamish, John, Ben, Corey, Dean and Susan. They had the least amount of members and with the firepower of Melanie Poppins and a couple of bouncy castles, took it out.”

Ronald McDonald House South Island CEO Matthew Mark says it was heartwarming to see the families faces light up with each incredible Family Dinner Programme.

“Watching the festivities unfold each evening and the pure joy on the faces of our families was an absolute pleasure. Hearing the buzz and the stories being told throughout the following days was simply heart-warming.

“A number of our families are going through some pretty challenging journeys and you provided something that was simply priceless in moments of time and as an overall experience – thank you.”