Family Dinner Programme

Do the Family Dinner Programme


Cooking is often the last thing families have on their mind after a long day at the hospital – this is where you come in by volunteering to cook an evening meal for them.

By taking part in the Family Dinner Programme, your company, organisation or group will ensure that families can enjoy home cooked, nutritious meals together at a time when they need them the most.

How does it work?

The House in Christchurch has full kitchen facilities including five ovens and a barbecue so you will not need to bring any cooking items with you.

The volunteering group must supply the ingredients for the meal. It may be possible for you to use some donated items, but please check with us before you approach businesses as we may already have a relationship with them.

On average, you would be catering for 40 to 60 people including your team. We recommend you give us call the day before you take part in the programme to find out approximately how many people you will be cooking for.

We suggest a maximum of eight people cook the meal to enable the team to work easily within our kitchen facilities. It also ensures families aren’t overwhelmed.

The menu!

This is your opportunity to rustle up all your culinary skills and create a two-course menu consisting of a main meal and a dessert. When selecting a menu try to choose simple meals that incorporate children’s tastes, while still being nutritious.

What happens on the night?

To minimise the risk of infection that can occur with re-heated meals all meals MUST be prepared onsite.

It is preferable that you aim to have dinner served at 6pm. Dinner is usually served buffet style, but you can serve individually if it suits your meal.

Please set the dining room to encourage socialisation. After you have served the families we encourage you to sit down and enjoy the meal with them.

Please ensure the kitchen and dining room are left clean and tidy.

Some families will not be able to make dinner service and will request a meal be kept aside for them. These meals are plated, covered in cling wrap and refrigerated. A schedule will be provided to you so you know who is dining in and who requires meals to be kept aside.

Book your night now to make a real and practical difference to families in need or contact us for more information.

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