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Cooper's start to life

Arriving 10 weeks early by emergency C Section, Cooper and Mum Deanna had an eventful start to his life. Deanna stayed at the Christchurch House for 95 days, here is her story.

Deanna Edmonds was pregnant with her third child and caught by surprise when, at 29 weeks and 2 days, her waters broke while hopping into bed. She went to the hospital near Hokitika where she lives and they promptly flew her to Christchurch Women’s due to the risk to both herself and baby.

“They kept me at Christchurch Women’s which was where I was when an infection hit all of a sudden. My temperature just sky rocketed and as there was no time for an induction, plus the fact baby was breech, I was raced into an emergency C-section,” Deanna explains. Baby Cooper was placed in the hospital’s NICU where he battled a sepsis infection and problems with his breathing, while Deanna stayed in hospital post birth fighting off her own infection.

Deanna moved into Ronald McDonald House in Christchurch thereafter where she stayed for 95 days, moving back and forward between the House and the hospital where Cooper was based. She remembers fondly the relationships she built with the staff at Ronald McDonald House and the other families staying there. “The House felt very homely, the food was absolutely delicious and it was incredible not to have to worry about that side of things,” Deanna says.

An extra special aspect of Deanna’s experience was having her 2 older children come to stay on Christmas Eve – Hunter aged 5 and Lily, 3. “It was so amazing to wake up on Christmas Day with the kids there – there were presents for them at the door and we were so spoilt by all the staff. I would like to thank everyone involved at the House, we are so incredibly grateful to them as we wouldn’t have been able to do it without them”.

Baby Cooper is now at home with the family in Hokitika and Doctors are positive about his outlook moving forward.


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