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Give the gift of a lifetime

Leave a gift in your Will

We know that when you make a Will, your first priority is to provide for your loved ones.

But after they are looked after, you can continue to support the causes that matter to you by leaving a gift to charity.

For nearly two decades, Ronald McDonald House South Island has been providing free accommodation and support for whānau from all over New Zealand. Whether they are in our care overnight, for a number of months or over the course of a lifetime, we are there.

As the population of Aotearoa continues to grow, more demand is being put on health services. Ronald McDonald House South Island’s mandate is to have the financial security that enables us to adapt to these changing needs and continue to keep families together when they really need it.

Leaving a legacy gift is a powerful commitment to bettering the future for New Zealand families, and will ensure that your values will not be forgotten.

Through your bequest, you will make sure our vital services are able to keep providing for New Zealanders, wherever they are from and whenever they need us.

Through a legacy gift, you can continue to give families the gift of togetherness.


The Practicalities 

There are a number of different ways you can remember Ronald McDonald House South Island depending on your circumstances. We’d advise you to talk to your family, and your lawyer or financial adviser about the best option for you. You may want to give a:


  • Residual gift
    After providing for your family and loved ones, you can gift the remainder of your estate, or part of it, to Ronald McDonald House South Island
  • Percentage
    You could divide your estate between a number of people and charitable organisations by allocating a percentage to each one
  • Specific gift
    This could be a specific sum, real estate, shares or something else in your possession


Whether you are making a Will for the first time or adding an addition (codicil) to your existing Will, the process of making a bequest is easy. If you wish to make a legacy gift to Ronald McDonald House South Island, please include the following phrase in your Will or give this information to the legal advisor of your trust office to be included in your Will:

“I bequest to Ronald McDonald House South Island Trust the sum of $ (or) % of my estate, (or) residue of my estate (or) property or assets as follows: for the general purposes of the Trust and declare that official receipt of the Ronald McDonald House South Island Trust will be sufficient discharge for my Trustee/Executors.”

If you decide to leave a gift to Ronald McDonald House South Island in your Will you need:

  • our official name: RMH South Island Trust
  • our Charity Registration Number: CC24375
  • our address: PO Box 1463, Christchurch 8140

Please, do get in touch if this is something you would like to discuss, or have chosen to do. The Ronald McDonald House South Island team would really like to thank you! You can call Jemma Balmer, the Fundraising Manager on 03 377 3311 or email [email protected]

Please be assured that all communications will be treated with complete confidence, respect and empathy.

It is only with the support of kind and compassionate people like you that Ronald McDonald House South Island can make a difference to so many lives.


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